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We position 25+ years of building supply knowledge behind your project. We are interactive and informative, and will give you an experience that puts you in the know. At Affordable Doors and Windows, we are able to satisfy any style and budget by representing dozens of the world's best brands.

  • Exterior doors
  • Interior Doors
  • Fiberglass doors
  • Wood Doors
  • Iron Doors
  • Aluminum windows
  • Vinyl windows
  • Window Wells
  • Skylights
  • Storefronts

Answered before you even asked

Affordable is a unique building products provider specializing in windows and doors as well as everything that goes along with it, such as skylights, columns, architectural moldings, hardware and more.

We know you may have many opportunities to buy your building products elsewhere, but you may want to buy from those who care, share, and offer the knowledge and experience you need.

We bring you over 25 years of intimate industry experience so you enjoy the kind of guidance and personal advice which many can’t offer. Our large team of profesional and friendly staff members, are available share informed suggestions that ensure you get the most done for your dollar and the most home out of your hustle.

Customers rave about our impressive showroom! While appointments are not required, we are pleased to offer a personalized tour with a little advance notice. Of course, our team is happy to speak with you by phone or via email.

We are highly regarded for our knowledge in both the operational requirements and the design elements that achieve maximum curb appeal with minimum project downtime. We welcome you to visit with your designer, use our conference room, and make our office your office.

You know tackling construction means perfecting numerous little details, and Affordable has the ability and capacity to handle some of that for you.

None. It always comes down to your needs and the best fit for your project. The decision remains yours. We are authorized dealers of many brands, and they are all equal to us. We always base our suggestions with your needs/budget in mind.

Have you ever placed an order, then wished to return the materials, but were forced to make do with something less than perfect? Not at Affordable. Beyond our general services, we take the time to review and scrutinize all plans with your building manager, designer or architect to ensure all measurements and details are correct. Reviewing your plans prior to placing your order sometimes gives us the opportunity to save clients thousands of dollars and unnecessary heartache.

There are 2 principles we maintain on behalf of every single client: 1. “Build it right, not over” 2. “Live in your home, not with it”